Original P.M.B.Q. Watercolor Art Commission
Original P.M.B.Q. Watercolor Art Commission
Original P.M.B.Q. Watercolor Art Commission
Original P.M.B.Q. Watercolor Art Commission
Original P.M.B.Q. Watercolor Art Commission

Original P.M.B.Q. Watercolor Art Commission

Regular price $100.00

Here's what's included:

- One (1) x 4"x6" watercolor painting on high-quality archival paper using your choice of up to three (3) colors

- One (1) simple character doing a pose or action of your choice. The character will have "chibi" proportions and cannot be a human-proportioned character.

- Examples of acceptable characters for your commission: P.M.B.Q. Pandas, Tea Club characters (Hana Neko, Mr. Bear), any animal such as a dog, cat, mouse

- Anime-style portraits are OK! The commission will be a headshot only.

- Pet portrait commissions are OK!

- Copyrighted characters owned by other companies are acceptable as a commission (e.g. Totoro, Baymax). You can also request a mashup, such as "Hawkeye Panda" or "Baymax Panda"

- Character can be holding/interacting with a maximum of one (1) accessory or object

- Actions and objects must be rated G (we keep it family-friendly around here)

- No guns or blood (like we said, rated G!)

- You can request something similar to what P.M.B.Q. has already drawn, but not an exact copy.

- Personalized messages are available upon request at no extra charge (e.g. "Happy Birthday!")

- Check out more artwork samples at http://www.instagram.com/pmbq

- Your commission will be packaged in a clear plastic bag with backing board, lovingly wrapped up in bubble wrap, and is shipped out to you the next day via US Priority Mail.

Here's how it works:

- Add this product to your cart and check out as usual.

- You'll receive an order confirmation email from shop @ pmbq.com

- You'll be contacted by P.M.B.Q. via email to get the details of your commission request

- Once you submit the details of your commission request, no further changes can be made. If P.M.B.Q. has any questions, she will contact you via email.

- The US Priority Mail tracking number will be emailed to you once your commission is sent out


The Other Details:

- You can order more than one commission at a time.

- Shipping costs are included.  Your painting will be wrapped with the utmost of care to ensure arriving to you in as pristine condition as possible.

- U.S. Orders available only at this time.

- International orders, larger commissions, multiple characters/pandas aren't available right now, but they might be available in the future.

- You will own personal copyrights to the image and artwork. This means you can make copies and share them with your friends and family, but you are not allowed to make copies and sell them. You also cannot use the artwork or its derivative works into a commercial logo or business marketing materials. You will receive a copy of these terms with your finished order.

- P.M.B.Q. Studios owns the commercial copyright to the art commission.

- Choose your art request carefully; there are NO REFUNDS for the art commissions and ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

- Please be aware that due to the custom nature of this item, it will ship separately from the rest of your P.M.B.Q. order.