Celebrate National Panda Day 2019 with P.M.B.Q. Studios

National Panda Day 2019

National Panda Day is coming up on March 16!

On this day, panda conservationists from all around the world join forces to spread the word about the mystical and adorable panda.  They're no longer endangered, but it's still important to continue to raise awareness to ensure to protect their habitats.  We want future generations of the world to continue to enjoying and being inspired by pandas.

You're Invited to celebrate and spread the word about pandas with P.M.B.Q. Studios!  Here's what's going on:

  • 10% off Panda apparel and art prints! (exclusions: Elos skateboards and original art)
  • Wear your P.M.B.Q. T-shirt to the P.M.B.Q. Pop-Up Gallery, take a selfie with P.M.B.Q. and/or a mural at the Pop-Up, and get a FREE sticker! (one per person, while supplies last)
  • FREE Panda cupcakes for the first 30 people who want them! 
  • FREE buttons for kids, 12 and under (1 per person, while supplies last)
  • 10% of our net sales on will be donated to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C., which is the place where P.M.B.Q. first saw the pandas that sparked her inspiration
  • For each $10 spent, you'll receive an entry to win fabulous giveaways!  The prizes are being finalized as we speak, but one of them is a CUSTOM 8x10" WATERCOLOR ART COMMISSION BY P.M.B.Q.

For those of you not able to make it to the P.M.B.Q. Pop-Up Gallery, never fear!  We are working out the details so that you can participate virtually.  More info to come over email and social media -- Facebook and Instagram @pmbq -- the next few days.

Address for the P.M.B.Q. Pop-Up Gallery:

60 N San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA 95110
(Across the street from Old Spaghetti Factory)

Our hours are 10am - 8pm, Tuesday through Sunday, through March 31st. Hope to see you for National Panda Day!


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