The World of P.M.B.Q. Studios - Characters

 Meet the all-star cast of P.M.B.Q. Studios! Each character has her or his own unique personality that is always revealing itself over time. Here's a little background info on each one, to get you started:

 Big Butt Panda


Big Butt Panda is a shy fellow...but that doesn't stop him from being very proud of his large caboose. He's a tried and true friend to all, and will always stand up for you. It never hurts to offer him his favorite treat: bamboo cookies!

Big Butt Panda is the very first panda created by artist P.M.B.Q. in 1999. His character is directly inspired by the pandas that she first saw at the Smithsonian Zoo, who did a lot of rolling around in their zoo habitat and munching on copious bamboo shoots.

Ninja Panda


Coming from a pure-blooded lineage of ancient warriors, Ninja Panda is the fiercest mercenary in town. He may be small in stature, but make no mistake that this panda can and will get you where it counts when you least expect it. (Like any good ninja, right? RIGHT :)

Ninja Panda is not without his soft side though. In his downtime he loves playing video games and surfing the Internet. He has a huge crush on Kunoichi Panda (he thinks she's the bomb dot com). His absolute favorite pasttime is harassing his frenemy and arch-nemesis, Samurai Panda.



Pandabuns are mini-pandas that just like to have fun. They specialize in looking adorable and enjoy spreading cheer wherever they go. It's definitely a good life if you're born a Pandabun!

People quite often mistake them for the sweet-yet-savory char siu bun (aka Chinese BBQ Pork buns). As a result they stay away from dim sum restaurants to reduce the risk of becoming an endangered species.

Hana Neko


 Hana Neko (aka Haneko) is your average girl-next-door who loves all things tea. Boba, matcha, English matter what the type or culture of tea, she wants to know about it. Tea has always brought happiness to her life, and she wants to understand it more so that she can share it with the world!

Although she spent her early childhood years in Japan, her ancestors are originally from Felis Island (a very remote island off the coasts of Australia). Her part-time job is to be a spokesperson and model for P.M.B.Q. Studios.


Samurai Panda


You won't find a more honorable or noble panda than Samurai Panda. He takes his job as samurai very seriously, and has a lifelong mission of defending the weak and thwarting evil forces. In his downtime, he enjoys baking and cooking.  (So much, in fact, that he's planning on opening up a food truck in the near future.)

His best friend is Ninja Panda, and truthfully he's always concerned about his hot-headed buddy getting into trouble. He has a crush on Kunoichi Panda, and in his spare time you can see him sharing his latest food creations with her.

Mr. Bear


Mr. Bear is the president of the Tea Club. Not much is known about where he came from or why he loves tea so much. What we do know, is that he's a great guy who is loyal to his friends. If you're not his friend, out!
Kunoichi Panda


 Kunoichi is a perfect combination of deadly and beautiful. She's one of the best ninjas in the business and is never without a job. Her fierceness, attention to detail, and dedication for justice are unparalleled. You definitely do not want to get on this lady's bad side!

Kunoichi is pretty clueless to the throngs of admirers that she leaves in her wake. She's too busy kicking @$$ and taking names.  When she's not doing that, she likes to dabble in making music. Her current instrument that she's trying to learn is the bass. When she's done being a ninja, she wants to join a rock band and tour the world.

Coffee Panda


Connoisseur of Caffeine, King of Cold Brew, Emperor of Bold Roasts...Coffee Panda is in pursuit of attaining all these titles for his own! Simply put, Coffee Panda is always up for the search of finding the perfect cup of coffee, and will do almost anything (or go anywhere) to get it!

Are you interested in joining him on the journey?

More characters (and their stories) to come!