Big Butt Panda Bamboo Pin

Big Butt Panda Bamboo Pin

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Big Butt Pandaäóîheäó»s a little bit shy, yet unapologetic about his love of food or his big caboose. Heäó»s never afraid to stand up for what he believes in or what he wants to eat. Is there a better panda to be your best friend for life?

Big Butt Panda is the very first panda created by P.M.B.Q. Studios. Heäó»s very classic and dear to our hearts :)

This is a lovingly handcrafted 1.25" pin, laser-etched in sustainable bamboo. It's a fantastic wardrobe accessory that will add a perfect touch of personality and class.

Wear it on your t-shirt, blouse, cap, backpack...the choice is yours!

Designed and produced in San Jose, CA. Limited quantities available.